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An independent boutique consulting firm, Kawaru Research designs and implements solutions to achieve specific, measurable balance sheet and income statement results for our clients. Kawaru’s programs are customized to meet your business needs, delivering the optimal results based on your business metrics and objectives.

Working with international and U. S. based companies, Kawaru focuses on solutions that consider both the financial and the operational aspects required for success; that integrate with your company’s tax strategies and accounting policies as effectively as with your systems and processes. We concentrate in four areas:


What happens with your product after it is sold: optimizing field service, spares management, depot repair, call center operations, deploying product fixes and upgrades, product returns, and strategies for the gray and secondary markets.


Partnering arrangements, including outsourcing, that increase your capabilities without adding to your fixed costs, using our “architect-manage-do” model.


Improving IT effectiveness, through better governance policies, improved project and program management methods, e-business architectures and strategies, and assistance in application packaged software selection.


Innovative, leading edge equipment financing solutions for lessors, from micro-ticket to the low end of large-ticket, that will set you apart in your markets and let you address those hard-to-fund opportunities.

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At Kawaru, we focus on delivering results, not reports. We deliver innovative strategies and effective processes for both complete programs and specific initiatives; our preference is then to work closely with our clients to take those strategies through implementation. We invite you to view examples of the quality of our work in one area: best practices for leading lessors.

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